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We are dedicated to providing meaningful content for audiences ranging from students to industry partners and educators. We hope you will check back regularly or better yet subscribe to updates from channels you are most interested in following. Please enjoy the shows and contact us with any questions.

National Technical Honor Society

BOCES is pleased to present the 2021 National Technical Honor Society Induction Ceremonies for the Bohlen & Sackett Technical Centers. Our virtual program is designed to recognize students for their knowledge, skills, citizenship, honesty, responsibility, leadership, scholarship and service in their technical area of study.

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National Honor Society

The Jefferson-Lewis School Boards Association is pleased to present the 38th National Honor Society Recognition program of 12th grade students who are members of the National Honor Society. Our virtual program is designed to recognize leadership, character, scholarship and service in the pursuit of academic excellence.

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Virtual Open House

The 2020-2021 CTE Open House will be a virtual, on demand event this year. Please feel free to watch all of the program videos to learn more about the CTE offerings available through BOCES. If you have any questions regarding a program or general questions related to Career and Technical Education, please contact us.

Coming February 2021

Connected Learning

As a member of the Jefferson Lewis BOCES Connected Learning program, teachers have access to a catalog of virtual offerings. Please feel free to browse the catalog and sign up.


Mike the Motivator

Watch Mike Nelson as he encourages students to succeed in school and be the best they can be.

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The Trades are Hiring

A miniseries produced by Jefferson-Lewis BOCES, in partnership with Popular Mechanics magazine and organizations throughout Northern New York. It is intended to present various ways learning a trade benefits not only individuals, but entire communities.
Read the Popular Mechanics article HERE

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CTE Awards Ceremony

BOCES is pleased to present the 2021 Career & Technical Education Awards Ceremonies for the Bohlen and Sackett Technical Centers. Our virtual program is designed to recognize all of the CTE graduates from the Class of 2021.

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Students in the Visual Communications  program at BOCES are honored for their exceptional classroom work. Categories include “Best Use of Effect”, “Best Use of Audio” and “Outstanding Asset Creation.

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